Jessica Lange – 1976

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Or spanking…

Someone come cuddle already…

I like you, but then I don’t.

Thank you for this sunset Portland.

I haven’t talked to you in weeks or months even. I still resent you for what you did in the spring. I want to break my phone when I look at my text “conversation” with you. I’ve sent 5 messages in the last few months with no response. I used to see your face a few times a week. I miss your jokes. I miss watching you brush your teeth before you would FaceTime with me until you fell asleep. I miss you. I’m still here. Where are you?


Rolling Stones at Circus Circus, 1969 by Ethan Russell


Las Vegas, 1950 – Golden Nugget & Eldorado Club (later Binion’s Horseshoe) at Fremont and 2nd St. This is the iconic intersection of old Vegas by the best photographer of the era, Burton Frasher Sr | Night view


1991 – Las Vegas Glitter Gultch